Warehouse Storage Services

Flexible warehouse storage is one of our best selling points: you can use our services and adjust them on a monthly basis to meet your business needs and budget. From simply using our loading dock to receive a pallet, to expanding your space to accommodate peak seasons or decreasing expenses during a slow period, we can accommodate.

We provide:

  • Pallet Space
  • Dedicated floor space
  • Shelf / Bin space
  • Cross Docking (receiving product and holding for your pickup, or immediately reshipping)
  • Receiving

Our experienced staff has years of experience in warehousing. We will assign a dedicated employee to your account during onboarding and you will quickly become part of our family. Grayland staff quickly becomes your staff: we get to know you and your product and make the transition smooth by collaborating with you to maximize your efficiency. Our hassle-free storage and receiving services allow you to focus on driving sales.

Distribution Center & Services

Kitting, assembling, sewing buttons on things – we can coordinate, organize, and complete almost any project. We have a strong administrative staff making one-off projects involving detailed data-entry or large mail campaigns easy to implement. Additionally, we can deliver – big truck, small truck or passenger car – we’ve got the ability to get your product where it needs to go when the traditional methods aren’t going to make it happen.

We provide:

  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Delivery
  • Mailing / Addressing
  • Database updating
  • Administrative projects

Fulfillment Center – Shipping Services

Our Fulfillment Center’s goal is 100% accuracy. We take full responsibility when we don’t hit that number, and you won’t have to see the yelling, crying, and screaming when it doesn’t happen. We customize each and every order as required: whether it’s a unique combination of items in each order, different groups of products that make up a specific package, or parts and components that make up a product, we can handle it. Give us simple or give us complicated – we will write a process around it to keep shipping and fulfillment consistent and provide your customer with exactly what they ordered.

We provide:

  • Pick and Pack
  • Same-day Shipping Services
  • Online Order Management
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Returns Processing

Charlotte & Nashville Warehouse Storage